About The Artist - Alison Franks


Alison Franks

The youngest of four children, Alison was born in Dublin in 1958, but spent her early years living with her family on the south west coast of England. They returned to Dublin in the early 1970s and, by the time she was 18, Alison had blossomed into a confident, popular girl of her time, living communally with close friends, on the Irish coast.

Three years later, Alison was continuing her communal lifestyle in London's Ladbroke Grove, meeting people from all over the world, and eventually joining a housing co-operative of young, single people in Hackney.

With an equally eclectic and varied career ranging from retail to nursing, from advertising sales to a graphic design business, from furniture decorator to qualified Counsellor, Alison is now finally able to follow her muse as a full-time artist.

Alison discovered her creativity whilst still in her teens. She experimented with various art forms before falling in love with painting. She is entirely self taught but credits the influence of many artistic friends and acquaintances. Painting was a serious hobby from her early twenties. Many of her early artworks are in the private collections of friends and family.

With acrylics being her preferred medium, her work reflects her strong creative form of expression and a quirkiness born of an accumulation of experiences and nomadic lifestyle.

Beyond the vibrant colours, which have become a recognisable feature of her work, one can often discover that there is more on the canvas than first meets the eye. Indeed, Alison has said that at times, and despite an original concept, characters will 'present' themselves on her canvasses, often dictating the finished work.

Having married and raised two sons, Alison now lives on the Kent coast with her partner, fellow artist Neil Ogilvie of NeilArt and their cocker spaniel.