Original Artworks and Giclée Fine Art Prints

By Alison Franks

Weedy Sea Dragons

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About This Painting

I painted this picture simply because I fell in love with these ornately camouflaged little creatures.

Found on the western and southern coast of Australia, Weedy Sea Dragons tumble and drift along in the current, feeding on sea lice and blending in perfectly with the sea grass and kelp forests of their habitat.

A relation of the Sea Horse, Leafy Sea Dragon and Pipefish, they can grow up to 18 inches (46 cms) in length. They have no known predators but the Australian government has placed them on the “near threatened” list due to divers taking them as pets.

Original artwork: 24” x 18” (610mm x 457mm) £450.00
Acrylic on canvas frame.
Giclée fine art prints on the finest archival quality art paper are available in various sizes.

Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas frame.
Canvas Size: 24" x 18"
(610mm x 457mm)
Price: £450.00

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Tel: +44 (0) 203 6332 738