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By Alison Franks

A Call To The Wild

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About This Painting

A young man embarks on the next phase of his journey. Here, he is seen approaching a land where all its inhabitants live harmoniously with each other. As the wrought iron gates slowly open to allow him entry into this Utopian dream, the iron flowers adorning the gates transform into vivid blooms as they become a part of the landscape within.

This is another of my attempts to portray the metamorphic power of nature (see “Moving In” and soon to come: “Nature Triumphal”). I love the fact that no matter what we, as humans do to our environment, nature has the ability to ‘wipe the slate clean’ again but it is still very much a work in progress for me.

Original artwork: Canvas size: 30’’ x 20” (762mm x 508mm)
NOT for sale as this is in my private collection
Giclée fine art prints on the finest archival quality art paper are available in various sizes.

Original Artwork

As this is in my private collection