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Covehithe Church

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About This Painting

Covehithe Church is to be found in Suffolk, close to the village of Wrentham, and is known locally as 'a church within a church'. This isn't due to anything cryptic but rather the fact that the old church, (apart from the bell tower), is a ruin and the newer, much smaller church was built onto that existing tower and therefore sits inside the walls of the old ruin.

I did this painting originally at the request of someone I was in a relationship with. It is one of the few paintings, relatively speaking, that is a depiction of real life for all intent and purposes.
As much as I like this church and many others visually, I chose to paint it from a viewpoint across a Barley field, because I found it more interesting that way. Fortunately, it was appreciated in the same way by the person who had requested it in the first place.
This painting was done using acrylics on canvas and is one of only a few originals not bearing my stylised signature but using my old 'actual' signature.

Acrylic on canvas 20’’x16’’ (401mm x 501mm) original in private collection.
Giclée Fine Art prints available in various sizes.