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By Neil Ogilive (NeilArt)

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Dream Dive

Giclée Fine Art Prints
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This is a pre-scanned image and a photographic representation ONLY.


About This Painting

The concept for this painting came about because when I looked at my original drawing, my Lurcher looked as though she was in the piked diving position. Like me, she was scared of the water so I imagined she was dreaming of performing this perfect dive, with the imaginary twist.

I first started painting this picture whilst looking after a friend’s house as they explored the possibility of living in New Zealand. Twenty something years later, my friends happily settled in NZ, I finally got back to it and finished it off.

Acrylic on canvas board 22” x 18” (559mm x 456mm)
Original artwork in private collection
Giclée Fine Art prints available in various sizes