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King Size Sleep

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About This Painting

The Lion was the obvious choice for the bedroom because of a King sized bed.
It wasn't until the idea had been thought of and was about to be drawn up that the idea for the lamb at the bottom of the bed appeared.
Luckily it was just after Christmas and there was a lamb 'onesie' available to use as a model. The biblical reference oft' quoted wrongly, I believe, about the Lion shall lie down with the Lamb, came to mind too.
The floor is textured using black sand from a beach in Teneriffe and I used glitter paint on the jewelled bedknobs.
This is the third painting in the House Pets series.

Acrylic on canvas frame with mixed media 19.5”x 16” (500mm x 400mm)
Giclée Fine Art prints available in various sizes.