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Up The Grassy Stares

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About This Painting

This was the first of the House Pet paintings as it was this original idea that sparked off the series.
It amused me one day when I was thinking about unusual pets that people keep at home to imagine where one would house their Giraffe and it seemed to me that in my house at least, it would have to stand in the stairwell. This thought first occurred back in the late 80's or early 90's but I never actually drew it up and painted it until 2013.
I know it is ridiculous to conceive of ever doing such a thing but it is that very absurdity that had me considering what pets would go into the other rooms of the house.
I textured the walls of the original using dried pampas grass and painted the whole thing to represent grass and sky etc. to obviously make the Giraffe feel more at home.

The walls of the original are textured using dried Pampas grass leaves.

Acrylic on canvas frame with mixed media 18”x 14” (460mm x 360mm)
Giclée Fine Art prints available in various sizes.