Original Artworks and Giclée Fine Art Prints

By Alison Franks

The Basking Tree

Giclée Fine Art Prints
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About This Painting

There is a tree in this particular jungle where lizards of all types meet to bask in the hot sun. These lizards typically are masters of disguise; at a quick glance the tree might just be covered in colourful fungi, and is that a blade of grass – or a lizard’s tail? I have played around with merging flora and fauna here which was fun to do and something I shall re-visit one day.

Original artwork: Canvas size: 16’’ x 12” (406mm x 305mm) £295.00
Acrylic on canvas board. Framed in 1.5 inch pine antiqued paint effect in gold/bronze.
Giclée fine art prints on the finest archival quality art paper are available in various sizes.

Original Artwork

Acrylic on canvas board,
Framed in 1.5 inch antiqued pine paint
effect in gold/bronze .

Canvas Size: 16" x 12"
(406mm x 305mm)
Price: £295.00

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purchase this original artwork,
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Please contact me: Alison
Tel: +44 (0) 203 6332 738